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With industry standards at 50% our farm boasts a over 90% sucess rate, including those 'Hard To Breed Mares'.  Space is limited inquire now.........
Complete Care for your World Class Mare, foaling out services &/or orhan foal care, Re-Breeding, embryo's & More. 
Specializing in those Hard to Breed &/or settle (including Barren) mares.


With over a 90% sucess rate  for some 3 years running wether it be frozen or fresh cooled semen, we are not as of yet doing on farm embryo transfers but probably in the near future & can make arrangements to have that done if you need help.  We have had great sucess on both cyst mares and silent heat mares.   
We have had great success getting 'barren' mares in foal that have been open for years!   We have been able to get mares cycling early for those early January and February breeder sweepstakes foals and race horse enthusiasts.  Space availabity is tight, many pre-booked mares to our own stallion take up the availablity first but we encourage you to inquire and reserve a spot if you are looking to get your tought to settle mare, settled.  
If the cysts are to numerous We can schedule the endoscopy removal of them and either assist in transport or take care of it for you, what ever your level of involvement we can and will accomodate you.
  *Of course we cannot guarentee that your mare would settle, no one could, but our sucess rate is extreamly high.  We do have references.